New Apparel!

New apparel is in! If you pre-ordered at the online store, your order is ready! Ask the front desk staff for help (they are labeled with your names behind the desk!) For those of you that didn’t pre-order, no worries! There are plenty of extra items available for you; if you don’t see a size that you like hanging up, please ask! the price sheet... MORE »

Kettlebell Workshop next weekend!

Swing, Clean and Snatch: An Intimate Kettlebell Workshop WHEN: 12-3 p.m on Saturday, July 26     DESCRIPTION: Master many variations and nuances of these three basic ballistic kettlebell movements in this three-hour, small-group workshop with instructor Jen Sinkler, RKC-II, KBA.   Expanding the ways you’re able to move a kettlebell will pay off immensely by improving strength, power and core stability (including the often-overlooked anti-rotational component, which is difficult to achieve... MORE »

In-House Oly Meet

Many of you have expressed interest in Olympic Lifting and are working towards the goal of competing in an Oly meet. We have decided to have an In-House Oly Comp for those interested on August 9th at 9:00am (No 10:00am that day). The meet will be very informal, with the goal of getting you comfortable for how a real meet will run. Even if you... MORE »