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Rachel Shanok

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What is your athletic background? I was a field hockey player in middle and high school, then taught step aerobics, kickboxing and boot camp classes throughout college, PT school and beyond. I have done some running on/off since college, but really started running more once I moved to this area – with Kelly Drive so convenient.  I have ran the Broad Street Run three times and have NO aspirations to run any sort of marathon.

What is your history with CrossFit and 215? I started crossfitting with the GREAT Erin Davidson, Greg Privatera and Steve Liberati when they were just starting out – and called themselves “Evofit”.  No box. no rowers, no white board, – just three trainers with a great idea, a bunch of sandbags and a few guinea pigs crazy enough to meet them at Cooper River Park for whatever abuse they had in store. That soon evolved into Crossfit Tribe, where I learned the nuts and bolts of CrossFit, what the heck a “clean” was, and why anyone would want to do it. It’s also where I got my first pullup.  After about a year and a half there, I found my way to CF215 and have been training, growing, and making friends there ever since. 215 is where I found my double under.

The best and the worst…

Best – Double Unders

Worst – Deadlift or box jumps

Favorite lift/movement – Double Unders

Least favorite lift/movement – Deadlift or box jumps

Favorite WOD – Annie, Angie, Cindy, Murph, the infamous 500 burpees for time

Least favorite WOD – Anything with Strongman stuffrachel

Future Goals at 215 – 3 months:  unassisted handstand pushup, 100 double unders unbroken.  6 months:  strict pullup.  12 months: OHS “close” to body weight

Describe the impact CF and 215 have had on your life. Crossfit and CF215 have forever changed my approach to fitness.  It has made me a better and more creative physical therapist and a stronger and healthier individual both physically and mentally.  There is a lot of overlap between CF and my job – and I have found myself describing both my chosen profession and my chosen “sport” in a similar way.  “It’s not just something I do, it’s really part of who I am”.  It may sound ridiculous, but I am truly grateful that I stumbled onto this insanity and  community that surrounds it. My life is richer for it.

What is your current nutritional plan? Having never been much of a bread, pasta, rice, potato person…paleo was initially very appealing to me but I’d be lying if I said I follow it in any strict manner.  Basic rule: I try to eat “real foods” and avoid anything that comes out of a cardboard box or a plastic bag.  Foods you’ll find in my weekly diet: fruits, vegetables, eggs, pistachios, hummus, chocolate, ice cream (just being honest!), seafood/fish, lean red meat a few times a month and a good glass of wine a few times a week.  Call that whatever you want.

Name one thing outside of 215 that has been affected by your training. As I mentioned earlier, the movements. theories and principles in CF have made me think harder and more creatively before choosing interventions for my clients at work.

What’s one thing interesting about you, whether your fellow 215ers know it or not. My mom was in the movie The Sixth Sense

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