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Erin Quinn


What is your athletic background? …Field Hockey, Soft Ball and ran Track as soon as I was old enough to join the teams! I started long distance running in my mid 20’s and completed 5 marathons, a bunch of other half marathons and other races.

What is your history with CrossFit and 215? I started CF over with the South Philly crew back when they didn’t have a space and they met on Penn’s landing. A year and a half ago, I went to 215’s first class. It was me, Lenny and 2 dude’s doing “Barbara” for our first WOD. Really? For our FIRST WOD? It was so horrible, I was hooked!

Give some of your favorite numbers on yourself?Murph – 41 min and change; Fran – 5:30 (on my 3rd try ever!); DL – 263 (on one really good day!)

The best and the worst…
Best moment at 215… This might not be my “best” moment, but certainly one of my
most memorable! Helping Caitlin during a 7am class with modified muscles ups. I was
in charge of opening the band so she could sit in it…seems easy enough until your hand
gets stuck between the band and the butt. I think Caitlin and I cracked up for the next
week every time we just looked at the rings!
Worst moment at 215… Charging towards and then dropping an 85# barbell on [one of the coach’s head. I still feel bad about that! Sorry Micah!
Favorite lift/movement – Dead Lift!
Least favorite lift/movement – Back Squat
Favorite WOD – Murph (1 mi run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 Squats, 1 mi run) – “or anything that takes at least 40 minutes”
Least fav WOD – anything with Wall Balls

Future Goals at 215:
3 months – full range handstand push up
6 months – a strict Muscle Up
12 months – Sub 4:30 Fran Time

Can you Describe the impact CF and 215 have had on your life? Crossfit 215 has helped tone down the “perfectionist” side of me that constantly wants to analyze and gauge my performance, especially against others. Instead, I have learned to refocus those energies into something more positive, such as creating more “personal” goals that are not associated with others or my scores, and allowing myself to fail. It feels so much better to walk away from a lift or a WOD and not have that pressure on myself to be a leader on the board, but to just be really happy with my performance. I believe that it takes much more strength and patience to have the confidence to do that. I think anyone can gain confidence from just being the highest on the board, but ranking alone is not what makes you good, keeping all things in balance makes you good! I am so thankful that CF has been a catalyst in teaching me this lesson! It really translates so well into the rest of my life…and will probably be a life long journey!

What is your current nutritional plan? Eating Paleo pretty much 80% of the time. Now that I am used to it, it feels very easy and natural to follow. Although, I am curious to see if tweaking my diet would improve my athletic performance a bit.

Name one thing outside of 215 that has been affected by your training. I would say my confidence. There are tons of things we do in 215, that 3 years ago, I would have never thought I would be able to do, but I am doing them! Like…100 Pull Ups or pretty much most of the Oly Lifts…it brings an entirely new perspective on life when I approach new things. I now face themwith the “can do” attitude, instead of the “mission impossible” attitude.

What’s one thing interesting about you, whether your fellow 215ers know it or not. I cannot run without talking. And…the longer I run the more I talk. Try going on a 15 mile run with me, you will probably have to hear my entire life story!

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