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Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

Here is the schedule for the holiday weekend. If you still looking for something to do Saturday, a bunch of us will be down Fairfax, VA at George Mason University for the Mid Atlantic Regionals. Fancy a road trip, come on down and join us. Friday – Noon class is cancelled, all other classes (6am, 5pm, and 6pm) are on. Saturday – There will be a 9am... MORE »

Murphy Mile This Weekend

If you haven’t already heard about the “Murphy Mile” event that is happening this weekend, here’s some info about the cause. One of our members, Dave Buzzard, is helping to put on the event, which benefits Cystic Fibrosis. The Cystic Fibrosis foundation is very important to his family, as his daughter was born with CF that impacts her lungs and digestive functioning. She’s doing well,... MORE »

Training Schedule – Saturday, May 10th

       At 9am we will holding the normal third lifting day for out Olympic lifting cycle. This is the normal 9am Fitness Class. Tomorrow we will be doing heavy doubles in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat. In addition to that there will be a Basecamp class at 9am as well. Both classes will be taught by Brendan tomorrow.       At 10am we will... MORE »

Thank You Diane Fu!

We had a great weekend Diane Fu and some other friends. Thank you to Diane for making the trip out to us. I learned a lot and I am so appreciative of getting the opportunity to create relationships like this.Thank you as well to those of you who traveled here to participate, especially Kieth (CF Apex), Lesha (CF Novem) and the crew from CFCC. Erin... MORE »

Week 1 – 6K Erg Training

Here is the week 1 training for the 6K erg test. Just a reminder that it is STRONGLY recommended you complete these workouts 4-6 hours outside of your usual strength training. This means please do not do today’s class and then immediately hop on the erg right after. You are welcome to come in during any class sessions and park your self on the side... MORE »

Saturday Class

For tomorrow, 5/3/2014, only. The 9am class will be in line with our Olympic lifting programming. The 10am class will be a partner workout without any Olympic lifts in it. Again this is for tomorrow only as we have Diane Fu here for the day tomorrow. MORE »