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CrossFit Games
New Class and CrossFit Games Open 2013

The 2013 CrossFit Games Open is rapidly approaching with the first workout being released on March 6th. As I mentioned before, we are encouraging everyone to register for the open. For those of you who are not familiar with the Open, it is the first qualifying competition for the CrossFit Games season. Anyone in the world can register as an athlete and compete in the open, and... MORE »

The Whole30 Nutrition Challenge Winners and Wrap Up

Ok folks, here is the moment you have all be waiting for…drumroll please…after 30 days of full compliance the coaches of CrossFit215 have determined the winner of the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge. Congratulations Ross England!!! Not only did Ross complete the full 30 days with no slip ups, but he managed to accumulate an unprecedented 30 fitness points which included CrossFit workouts and active recovery/mobility days.... MORE »

What Are You Working For?

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful   It’s hard to believe that January has come to an end and February is already under way. While the success of both the Partner Throwdown competition and Whole30 challenge are fresh in everyone’s minds, I want to address a topic that I have only been able to touch on with... MORE »

A Day in the Life – Rubi Wiswall

Today marks the LAST day of the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge. For those of you who have stuck to it for the full 30 days – congratulations! Participants will have until the end of the week to get their points up on the board and we will announce winners. What is your name?  Rubi Wiswall What is your profession? Manager/CEA of [G] Wis Concepts and Dance Instructor  When do you... MORE »

Top three from both divisions
Many Thanks for a Great Day (Photo link included)

PHOTOS FROM THE EVENT COURTESY OF MATT GODFREY PHOTOGRAPHY Every day is a gift to be able to wake each morning, albeit very early and in sometimes freezing weather, and go to “work” and do what I do. I am thankful for each of these days. Once in awhile I am especially thankful for some days more than others. This past Saturday was one of them.... MORE »

MattG - AD
Airdyne Photo Shoot Project

Matt LOVES the air dyne! We will have Matt Godfrey Photography in the house today during all classes (except 6am, sorry guys…the man has to get his workout in too) to photograph athletes completing a 1 minute airdyne test. If you would like to participate just show up! If you were in the 6am class and would like to come back and do it again tonight feel... MORE »

Throwdown awards
*UPDATED* Partner Competition

Friday AM Update – Parking For those of you who have not been here before, or visited us at our old location in Sherman Mills, we moved around the corner. Our new address is 4012 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia but it shows up inaccurately on GPS. Please use our neighbor’s address 4024 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia PA 19129 as a reference point if you’re using a GPS device... MORE »