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Reaching High 215, Keep it UP!

Round one down, four more to go… What an amazing job done by all. For those of you for whom this is your first time in a competitive environment, you were nothing less than fierce and certainly rose to your potentials. Hopefully now you see how much can be achieved when the right workout is thrown at you. Your limits are far greater in your... MORE »

7 Minutes in Heaven – Get ‘Er Done!

First, a few logistical issues regarding tomorrow (Saturday). The first heat will go off at 10am sharp, so please be here by 9:30am to start warming up. Heats will be assigned at 10, so if you need to be in the first heat please let Kevin know as soon as you get here. Everyone tomorrow will be both judging and working out, so if you... MORE »

The Open, Apex Combine Recap, and Inspiration

Last Chance to Sign Up for the Open! The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open starts on Wednesday! If you have not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?!? We have received a few inquiries from individuals regarding schedule conflicts. Due to the level of participation we will be running the open workouts for those who cannot come in on Saturday mornings on Thursdays at 6AM... MORE »

And the winners are…

Saturday Competition Congratulations to everyone that came out and competed this Saturday!! It was a fun battle that came down to the last heat for the men. Tune in later in the week for the highlight video…. Our regular competition was nothing compared to the Dragon Ladies, they were FIERCE!!! Hope to see everyone else next time around! Dragon Boat Competition Division 1st – Joyce 2nd – Judy 6.7 3rd – Alice RX... MORE »

Poopin Much…?

Recently one of the 215 athletes asked about bowel movements. Apparently he is experiencing a decrease in frequency of bowel movements since beginning the recent challenge. His question, is it OK to take Metamucil as a regular supplement to promote some regular movement? Metamucil is made primarily from Psylium husk. Psylium is a type of grain. The concern being, is Psylium husk OK to eat... MORE »

Compete for Yourself

~a message from one of your coaches, Perrin Behr I wrote an article back in November titled “Why Competition Brings Out the Best In Us” as a reflection of my personal experiences in a CrossFit competition. As the 2012 CrossFit Games Open approaches, I want to re-address the topic of competition in an effort to motivate those of you who may be “on the... MORE »

Challenge Wrap-Up

As this project was mostly facilitated by both myself and kyle, while having the support of the full team at 215, I thought it was only fitting to have closing statements from both of us. Neither one of us was involved in each others statements so please forgive any redundancy. -Kyle Here we are at the end of our challenge. How do you feel? More energy? Slimmer?... MORE »

Game Time!

OK boys and girls, the time is at hand – The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open is upon us. This is what your fearless team has been getting you ready for and we are calling all hands on deck. No matter your ability, skill level, weakness or strengths, we are asking and urging for full participation from the whole family. We are stronger and stand a... MORE »