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Kicking it up a notch… BAM!

It’s been three weeks so far. Time flys when you are having fun right!? We hope you’ve seen the kind of changes in how you look, feel, and perform you have been hoping for. Sure, getting over that initial hump was rough. But isn’t getting off the crack so worth it? Often times people switching to this type of lifestyle see results like a decrease in... MORE »

Holy Cow

We have recently discussed genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is organisms that have been altered by scientists at the cellular level to change their gene expression. They do this to provide us with tomatoes that don’t freeze, corn that is not eaten by bugs, and cats that glow in the dark. In all seriousness the problem is we do not know how changing these genes... MORE »

What’s the deal with wheat?

Today we are sharing an article interviewing Dr. William Davis. Author of the book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. In one short article Dr. Davis highlights several points that we have made in our whole food challenge. While concentrating on the heading of wheat, he also mentions GMO’s, blood sugar levels, cholesterol... MORE »

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

During the whole foods intro there was mention of GMOs, which are organisms that scientist have altered at the cellular level to produce an organism with traits that it may not have gotten through nature. Corn resistant to bugs or soy resistant to herbicide are just two examples. Scientists do this for a number of reasons. Most notable of which is to feed starving people.... MORE »

Whole Foods… LaraBars?

Recently I was asked “are Lara Bars paleo?” The answer is, well yes and no. If you are not familiar with these delightful little treats. You should track them down. They are sweet tasty bars made from fruit and nuts. Whats more is they fall, for the most part, into the raw category. While we are not concerned at 215 with... MORE »

CrossFit Open Training

Great job everyone with the first two weeks on this training cycle as we prep for the CrossFit Open Competition. Keep it up on those strength/skill days, these will be beneficial to your development. Keep hitting those workouts hard, especially with the energy system work (work:rest), your coaches have a plan for you… Many of you are still dealing with weaknesses in certain areas. While everyone... MORE »

Big Fat Lies

During the intro seminar we touched a little upon the subject of cholesterol. Usually this comes up when we talk about how much we looooove bacon and saturated animal fats. The response to the bacon/fat topic is usually. “Aren’t you worried about cholesterol?” The answer is no. This question always comes up because our society has it in it’s collective head that saturated fat is... MORE »

Welcome to CrossFit215.COM 3.0!

As you may have noticed, our new site launched yesterday… Welcome to 3.0!! We have made some great improvements  that we hope will make your online experience better as well as increase traffic on the site within our community and beyond. For our current members, there are still a few things we are still debugging. At the top of the home page we will put... MORE »

One Week and Counting

OK boys and girls, we have completed week ONE, with just three more (and beyond) to go. I want to know how you’re doing – lets get some chatter on the comments below. Also, please email me your scores from the first week, I want to post them tomorrow so everyone can see how everybody else is doing. Just send me you total points for... MORE »

Philly Cowshare

We are well into the first week of our Whole Foods Challenge and would like to offer an opportunity to purchase some high quality food to assist you on your nutrition journey. I am arranging an order with Philly Cowshare to deliver grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free beef. If you are not familiar with Philly Cowshare check out their FAQ. Grass-fed beef has... MORE »